WRAP UP: May 2014

As you can probably see, my handwriting is even more illegible than usual. It's actually meant to say "whenever" somewhere above, but my scrawly handwriting makes it look like I can't spell to save my life (I promise you, I can!). Anyway, like it says above, May wasn't a brilliant month; I had a load of GCSE exams, very little reading time (it was all taken up by revision) and even less blogging time.



NON-blogGing life

    • Every month year, I have a random urge to re-read Harry Potter and so my obsession has resurfaced this month (not to say I'm not always obsessed!). So, I've been watching the films, listening to the audiobooks and doing everything Harry Potter related of late. I've also began to reevaluate my Hogwarts house – I'm beginning to think I'm a Ravenclaw?
    • And I'm also Game of Thrones obsessed at the moment; I've spent the rest of my spare time (when I'm not re-watching and re-reading Harry Potter, I mean) drawing all my favourite characters – just added Dany to the collection.
    • Exams and revision have taken over my life… sad, but true.
    • I've got 5 exams left now, but they'll all be over by the end of June. :)

    Anyway, that's it for May. Nothing that interesting, although it wasn't awful either. How was May for you? Did you read any good books that you'd like to recommend or discover any particularly amazing blogs?


    1. I recently read/reviewed Ready Player One and I really enjoyed it!

    2. I like the bullet point style this month!

      Amelia @ YA Bookologists

    3. I love how you blog; you really have your own style with your drawings and graphics. ^_^ Also, thanks for making my blog one of the mystery links! :D xx

      1. Thank you! And you're welcome! I was wondering if you'd notice. ;D

    4. I love the chart you make. Is it called a chart? I think it's so cute and different. I'm reading the Harry Potter series now. It's my first time reading them. *blushes furiously and backs into a corner* I can't believe it's already the end of May. Hope your June is filled with more books!

    5. Of course, I've loved all your posts this month! To paraphrase Cat, I LOVE the style you use to blog as well - it makes your blog really unique! And amazing. ;D

      Thank you so much for linking to my post! xD

    6. I didn't read too many books this month either due to exams. I'm really looking forward to your notebook gif post because I just, I just love notebooks okay! ^.^ My favourite GOT characters are probably Tyrion, Dany, John and Arya so far but I did quite like Khal Drogo! Good luck with your exams :D x

    7. I've heard loads of good things about Ready, Player, One although I have yet to pick it up. It's been sitting on my shelf for a month now, haha! And because of what you said about A Storm of Swords, I'm definitely reading it this month.

    8. Ugh, I've had loads of exams this month too and I'm so glad I only have two left (although they are the Maths exams and that is NOT my best subject!). Then I will be free as a bird, whoohoo!

    9. I decided to click on a question mark at random and I got my own blog! It's nice to know that you read it!
      Yes! Another Ravenclaw! The only people I can think of that are Ravenclaws now you, me, Rachel (booktastic Reviews), and I think Georgia from The Bibliophile is (I'm not too sure about the last one) Join us!

    10. Loved the wrap up. I too am a victim of illegible handwriting at times. Good luck in your exams, I have exams in June too and they have taken up all my usual reading time. I'm going to go on a reading spree as soon as my exams finish! Happy reading and best of luck ~


    11. Great post, I love this kind! :D

      Loving the question mark thing, who knows where I shall go! O.o

      I reaaallly want to read A Room With a View now (as I believe I said on your review post .... did I?). Also Game of Thrones. I feel like a preemptive fan, if you know what I mean ... I've not read them, but I just have this FEELING you know? That I will love them! It's the same with The Once and Future King by TH White, which I just bought a gorgeous clothbound copy of .... I just know I'll love it! :D

      Harry Potter re-reads > most other aspects of life. <3 <3 <3 !!!!


    I really appreciate your comments. Please check back if you've asked a question!