I've had exams recently so I haven't been able to post any reviews and I've only managed to read three books this month because of that (although I'm halfway through about seven others). Here are three very brief reviews & I hope you enjoy the rather odd format!

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So, those are the books I've finished so far this month! Have you read any of them? Oh, and – before I forget – I've finally sorted out the email subscriptions for this blog so feel free to subscribe through the sidebar. If you're already subscribed, I've already transferred all of you over to the new list so no need to worry. The new email subscription basically consists of a monthly newsletter that will keep you updated on blog posts as well as new releases and all that jazz. It should be fun and I'm looking forward to writing them!


  1. I really need to continue with the Song of Ice and Fire series as I read GOT last summer and never continued - and I don't know why! I really want to read Love Letters to the Dead but I'm a tad more hesitant now. I got A Room With A View for Christmas last year and I'm really excited to read it! ^.^ x

    1. Ooh yes I think I've loved the rest of the series EVEN MORE than the first. :)
      Love Letter to the Dead might still be your thing, but it didn't really interest me.
      And yay, as you can tell, I LOVED A Room With a View!

  2. I'm currently reading A Room with a View after watching the movie and being intrigued by the story. I really enjoyed Lucy's character in the movie, and so far am thinking the book will match up with my expectations! Are you planning on watching it now that you've read the book? It's a bit older, but Helena Bonham Carter plays Lucy.

  3. I am VERY excited for the time when I finally read Game of Thrones. I have it on my bookshelf and I feel like a preemptive fan; I mean, swords and kings and death and fantasy and extremely long, I just feel that there is no way I could NOT love them!

  4. I also read Love Letters To The Dead and as I said to you on twitter; there were scenes that were VERY similar to that of The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which I read following LLTTD, and actually I preferred Love Letters To The Dead to The Perks of Being A Wallflower which sounds odd, but I thought the writing all in all was better. I've only heard good things about A Room with a View and I've seen parts of the film before now - Helena Bonham Carter is brilliant as Lucy :)

  5. Ack, I always liked the idea of Game of Thrones... Until I watched the first few eps of the TV series. So I think I'm going to steer clear of the books but I'm so glad you enjoyed this instalment!

    Love Letters to the Dead hasn't really appealed to me, even with all this hype surrounding it at the moment so I won't be picking that one up either. :3

    Not heard much of ARWaV but it does sound good and your five star rating is certainly promising!

    Great reviews! :D

  6. I just finished A Room with a View this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought that Lucy's journey in discovering her own voice and the value of her own opinions was way ahead of Forster's time. Thumbs up from me!

  7. All of these books are on my to read list. I can't wait to read them! Especially A Room with a View!

  8. I finished A Clash of Kings a few months ago and I haven't started on A Storm of Swords yet but after reading this, UGH OKAY OKAY, I'M PICKING IT UP!

    It's too bad that you're not the biggest fan of Love Letters to the Dead. It's one of my favorite books this 2013 but oh, well.

  9. I've seen mixed reviews for Love Letters to the Dead and didn't think it would be the book for me despite several bloggers recommending it. I know I won't be picking it up now because we have such a similar taste in books that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it either! So thanks for the review ;) I'll also be keeping an eye for A Room with a View now...

  10. I've heard about Love Letters to the Dead and it sounded a bit awkward. I never finished A Song of Fire and Ice because it was overdue to the library, I've thinking about picking it up again because it has been in my head since last summer.

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists (

  11. Absolutely love this format for reviews, Ruby! As always, I adore your writing style! I finished Love Letters to the Dead a few days ago and my thoughts were pretty much the same. I thought the author was trying to be the next John Green, and making everything into a metaphor made the novel long-winded. To tell you the truth, I loved the ending, and thought those last fifty or so pages were perfectly executed, but the build left me wanting to read something else.

    Good luck with the rest of your exams! I know exactly how you feel(I've managed 350 pages this past month).

    -Sophie :)

  12. I really love this mini review format, it's so pretty! Sorry LLTTD wasn't for you. I really, really loved and related to it but I can definitely see why it isn't for everyone! (Also, it's becoming a movie soon, which I'm a little apprehensive about but I think will be cool!)
    Loved your other reviews- I really, reaaaally need to read the GoT books now >.< My dad isn't letting me as he's watching the tv series which he says isn't really suitable... *sobs* I hope I can somehow persuade him to let me have a read... ;D
    Gee x


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