February 2015 | In Delightfully Odd Words

I guess if there's anything I unearthed this month, it's that I never cut February enough slack. It always seems a bit of a 'filler' month as such – but sometimes a filler month is all you need. And, not only did I read some pretty great books this month (my two favourites were All My Friends Are Superheroes and Kafka on the Shore), but I also wrote some blog posts I'm surprisingly proud of.

But, instead of me rambling on (because that seems to be an all-too-familiar drag), I thought I'd describe the month in a couple of wonderful – yet annoyingly underused – words. Enjoy!

A person who reads in bed.
Despite usually being someone who reads anywhere, I spent my February reading hours curled up under my duvet. Reading in bed is simply the best way to read – especially with there being such a fine line between the fiction you're reading, and your soon-to-be dream-filled mind. After hours of schoolwork, assuming the librocubicularist role is the source of ultimate comfort.

Walking or wandering in the nighttime.
I'm a fairly nocturnal being, in the sense I have a penchant for whittling the night away as I potter aimlessly around my room. February was no exception to this rule. I spent a grand portion of the month wandering around my room at these hours, completing mundane tasks like organising my bookshelf and so on. I also write and plan most of my blog posts around these late night hours – it's then that I, ironically, feel the most awake.

Smultronställe [Swedish]:
Considering I'm all too familiar with city life, every trip to the countryside always seems that little bit sweeter. I went on a countryside walk with a couple of my friends the other week to a place we often go together (homemade sandwiches, cake, etc. – yes, it really was that twee) and so this word seems so apt for the trip. 

Uitwaaien [Dutch]:
To take a break to clear one's head; "to walk in the wind".
'Uitwaaien' is definitely February in a one-word nutshell. I spent a lot of February relaxing (mostly by watching Mad Men), but I also calmly organised this blog and so on. Despite the schoolwork piling up, February took a fairly languorous turn – as if it was merely a flickering break before the onslaught of work March will inevitably bring.

A strong urge to write.
In case my blog doesn't occasionally make it evident (or rather, the mere fact I have a blog in the first place), I love to write. And the joyous thing about half term falling in February, is that Sylvia (the typewriter) felt human touch once again. February was a month where I just felt like writing.

How was February to you?
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Books read this month: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Franchise Affair, All My Friends Are Superheroes, Kafka on the Shore, 


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful February! I love how you described your month with little-used words. Definitely going to have to start using some of these! :D

    1. Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful February too! I definitely agree ha – I mean "librocubicularist" should SO be an everyday word!

  2. You have no idea how excited I was when I stumbled on a Dutch word there :D I'm a Librocubicularist as well. Snuggling under my blanket and pillows stuffed in a corner; I can't imagine a better readings pot.

    1. Haha, I had a lot of Dutch bloggers I know in mind when I picked that one out! And yes, I agree. :)

  3. I've always meant to read Murakami! Which one is your favorite?

    1. Ooh it's difficult to choose. I really like Norwegian Wood and Kafka on the Shore – although NorwegIan Wood is definitely a lot more 'normal'!

  4. WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE WORDS? *bookmarks post*

  5. Love this, such a fun read <3 And I love learning the new words :)

    With Love, Elizabeth @ Whimsical Thoughts

  6. ooh I like the twist that you did with your wrap up post! February was a pretty busy month for me too. Lots of projects, exams, and speeches :/ sadly, that's just the beginning b/c March is the most hectic month (ehem midterms go away please).

    1. March is pretty hectic for me too! Although May/June are the worst. Can't wait for Summer!


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